Share Your B4X Story

What are you using B4X for? What have you learnt along the way?

Develop an IOS app with B4I in under 12 hours

A good friend of mine is at a trade fair this week, hunting for new customers. To streamline his search, he created a Google Sheet that detailed the hall and stand locations of interesting companies, complete with a map image for navigation.
However, he faced challenges with the Google Sheet app on his phone: organizing the information with filters was cumbersome, and there was no way to properly view or zoom in on the map images.

Seeing his predicament, I immediately envisioned a native...

What I have learned about DateTime

What are you using B4X for? What have you learnt along the way?

I am developing a POS with B4X using SQLite as the local database for the clients. I thought I am very experience in dealing with SQL and databases. I am very wrong!

In the past, I always store date and time data in table column as String in this format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. It always work well. In some databases, we have datetime type of fields.

BUT, SQLite is a very simple database engine...

No regret building MiniORM

MiniORM started small as Snippets to support SQLite database.

Later, it grows by supporting MySQL where the same B4X code is used to execute SQL query for CREATE TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and more.

Recently I have tested and fine tuning this class together with its sibling Data Connector class to support Firebird.

Yesterday I was testing with PostgreSQL with some minor modifications.

It makes developing projects that support multiple RDBMS a breeze.

No need...

I often say Erel saved my life… Here's why...

I was working as a sub-contractor for the region's branch of the national Cable TV Company… (Who would have guessed it, given my nickname?), this was back in the 2000's...
PockectPCs where the latest in technology, but they still lacked a lot of features. I had gotten myself a HP PPC and the "Sleeve" Add-on which allowed me to add PCMCIA card to it.
My goal was to use it with an Ethernet card and program the Cable Modems I installed through it. But my coding skills were, as they still are...

Another tale.

I first started programming in 1981 on a Sinclair ZX81 with 16 kb ram pack, I had to drive to a nearby town to get it as it had sold out in my hometown as soon as it was released. My Dad was interested too, and I remember sitting up until 2am with him, typing in programs from Magazines even though we both had to work the next day.

Then I went through the usual route and upgraded to a ZX Spectrum, Dragon 32, BBC Micro and then an Atari ST on which I wrote my first commercial app which was a...

My Source Code Compilation

.. and another project where B4J is used..

A few days ago I started a project - a tester for twisting frames for switches and sockets. I am employed in a company that manufactures electrical installation material. We produce mostly all semi-finished products and parts for the assembly of products ourselves, including injection molding of plastics and pressing of duroplasts. During production, deviations occur due to various factors, such as the materials themselves, machine settings and, of course, the human factor.
It turns...


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🤗 My happy introduction to B4X

Hmm, I see that Anywhere Software has created this new section in the forum, so I've decided to add my actual B4X story.

WARNING: This is going to be a loooooooooooong read :cool:

I've always enjoyed creating software from the early days of the humble 48k ZX spekky, to machine coding my 68000 Amiga A500 beast, then the IBM PC revolution took over the world, thanks for that IBM. At this point I stopped programming and ran a few different businesses before I got back into...
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Hi ChatGPT

Are you familiar with B4XPages?

Yes, I am familiar with B4XPages. B4XPages is a framework that enables the creation of cross-platform applications using the Basic4Android (B4A), B4i, and B4J programming languages. It allows developers to create modern and responsive user interfaces for their applications, while also providing them with a wide range of built-in features and functionalities to work with. B4XPages is particularly useful for developers who want to build native-like applications...

Another big project


Another success story in which the use of the B4J tool was crucial. The project is a little older, but I think it is interesting to many people.
I was in charge of preparing signature headers for imprinting data on pharmaceutical products. It is a mechanical print, such as on various medicines, where the batch control number and the date of validity and occasionally also the date of manufacture are printed.
In production, many batches of different products were made daily, so these...
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Project build errors when on (NAS) network share

There some topics in these fora about build errors when the project is located at a network share.
I've succeeded to get similair errors when building a sample (Android) project named 'MyFirstProgram'

The network share is located at my Synolgy DS920 NAS, its based on Linux which is quite important.

Please let me explain the theory behind a network share. The protocol used between the client (Windows desktop) and server which is responsible for the network sharing of files/directories and...

mSupport Remote Administration


I've always loved to programming… ever since I was a kid… I felt like I was creating…

I made it a profession, I started teaching programming to young and old as a trainer, I worked in several companies and in the last 2 decades I created my own company I always aim for success. I touched her too many times with successful products…

Bespoke Software/Programs have always been my forte, the purpose has been to empower clients who need something more than market programs. But...​
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Thank You

The first time i found this tool i imagined the huge effort and the hard work you done . Unlike any other IDE b4x introduce its selfe in quit a simple but powerfull tool no other ide can do
what can i say more than Thank You💚💚

B4A Magazine

This magazine was bought by me in a local bookstore just when I started to know about B4A! It is like the God wanted me to get into B4A. There are many coincidences in my life and this is one of them due to my strong energy of "Law of Attraction".

I once donated some of my programming books together with this magazine to a local community library. When the library is closed, I took back this magazine.

This magazine is very valuable. It marks the start of my journey in B4X. However, I want...


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I just wanted to say a great big thank you to the B4X team !
This development environment and IDE is so powerful and easy to use once you gain the understanding
of the environment which is equally easy with just a little practice.

I have developed a stock take app using B4A and will write one with B4i as well.
It will eventually have many more features and functions.

The shared code with the Numpad project assisted greatly ! Much appreciated Erel !
The listview and list objects are so...

web to host snippets

Hello everybody , just want to share , fast search and share code open to contributors and searchers, still under development ... little by little:

B4X enabled me to be an Automotive R&D Prototype Engineer

B4X is truly a modern Rapid Application Development suite that delivers every time. I can’t say enough good things about B4X but I will try 😊. I started using B4A in 2011 to write an application to read Jeep Transmission Temps while you are towing (and for diagnostics). This application was called DRIVE and it was the 1st app I had in the Android Market. I had to hack into the Transmission ECU, send commands via an ELM327 interface and display real-time data on the Android smartphone...

How we create an app every 5 days - new blog post by @sfsameer

Industry products based on B4X - Yes we have, thanks to Saif

This is exactly not my story, but I am happy to post it here.

Refer to

I like to thank Saif (@sfsameer) for giving us industry products based on B4X. He has demonstrated that B4X can very powerful and very simple to code with.
Many members have seen the codes and can vouch for the elegant industry level products he and his team has made using B4X.

The list is so big that it is easier...

Using B4X Tips (?)

This is my experience with B4X. In B4X you create a program that runs on multiple platforms (Windows, Android, Ipads, etc.) at once. I am an amateur with some experience myself.
This sample app is a simple guessing game.
Here are my tips: (read the instructions about B4X anyway)

0. Don't be stupid like me and don't forget to change your packagename (thanks the Community) that saves a lot of wasted time...
1. Initially I developed it completely in B4J, so for Windows. But only use the B4X...


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