internet connection

  1. Sergio Haurat

    Android Code Snippet B4X Check Internet available + type (WiFi/Cell/LAN) + IsValidIP + IsValidURL

    SOLUTION HERE Class version I share with you this code that works in B4A, B4I and B4J. Requires B4A -> Network, B4I -> iNetwork, or B4J -> jNetwork If you use this class you...
  2. Sergio Haurat

    Android Code Snippet Check Internet connection + Know connection type (WiFi/Cell)

    SOLUTION HERE Please do not use the following code in your projects. Below I share a function that returns if the Internet connection exists and what type of connection is...
  3. LucaMs

    B4A Library [B4X][B4XLib] B4XCheckInternetLM

    Very simple cross-platform library to test if an Internet connection is active. It has only one method, Check: Public CheckInternet As B4XCheckInternetLM Wait For (CheckInternet.Check(True)) Complete(Result As Boolean) If Result Then ' Else ' End If Set the DialogToo parameter to False if...