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    Android Question CLV Individually Rounded Corners

    Hi everyone, I need to achieve this result with a CLV (only 2 corners are rounded) I already tried these two approaches Dim jo As JavaObject = clvProducts.AsView jo.RunMethod("setClipToOutline", Array(True)) clvProducts.AsView.SetColorAndBorder(clvProducts.AsView.Color, 2dip, 0xDBDBDB, 20dip)...
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    Android Question xCustomListView dynamic card content

    Hello, Just trying to figure out how this might be possible to have cards with dynamic content. For example one card would have variable rows of two column text with various background colors. That list would be followed with an image and make up one card. Can someone suggest the best component...
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    Android Question Disable User interaction on a CustomListView

    Hi everyone, how can i disable the "click" on the various items in my customlistview? in B4i it's done like so: Dim p As Panel = clv.AsView p.UserInteractionEnabled = False But in B4A i didn't find anything like this. Even if I remove the check from "Enabled" in the designer, the items are...
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    iOS Question xCustomerListView version

    Hi Guys I have a problem with xCustomerListView (but that is for another Post). Just checking on the latest version I have come across what I think is a conflict. If you refer to the two posts below Post #1...
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    [B4X] Double (Multi) Column CLV

    Hi everyone, recently i needed to implement an double column list in one of my app. I was ispired by an @Erel example, but i needed something slightly different, so i did this (i want to share with you, maybe could be useful to someone even if is a simple thing): (it support odd number of...
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    Android Question Question xCustomerListView

    Hi Guys I have a question about post by Erel (26 May 2019) regarding "[B4X] CLVExpandable - Allows expanding or collapsing xCustomListView items" https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4x-clvexpandable-allows-expanding-or-collapsing-xcustomlistview-items.106148/ Two buttons appear when an...