Bug? Double Click on B4A File is not the same then Open it over Menu

Martin Domian

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Hi there!

When I doppel click on my project B4A File everything is ok.
But when i start B4A and open the same project File i got strange message (see the pictures)
First: I got a message about a file, it can be instabel and it's to old. OK, but which files?
2nd: I got the info, that the variable is not declared. But why is this different now?

Thanks for help


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Please post your code in text. I can't copy the code and repost.

1. I think you are trying to open a project created with newer version using a very old version of B4A. Maybe i am wrong. I can't read the language and I guess it is in German.

2. I think you are using an old version of JSON library or didn't reference it.

3. I think in new version of B4X the code should be written as follow:

If 1 = Main.MySetting.Get("SOUND") Then

One more guess is you have 2 versions of B4A installed.

Martin Domian

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Hi thanks for this idea, that i have two Versions. I will check it later
Yes, sorry the message is German. Whatever, I got more messages like this since I use B4A ( I like it very much by the way). It's the same: The messages tell you, that something is wrong, old, missing, etc in a modul... but never told you the name of the modul 😉

Thanks for cool and fast support

Martin Domian

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Thanks, you are rigth!
I really did not see this, I allways did the updates without deinstalling before...
but this easy change, I did not get.
Let see, what happen, when i try to deinstall the old one