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The Gym is my 2nd home and I am constantly miscounting leg workouts when I fill my barbell. Then I built a prototype in 2 hours for fun and it was well received by my friends, so I decided to develop the app further and offer it in the app store. :D

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Don't waste time calculating the weight on the barbell and focus on your next set.
Get a better understanding of how much weight you are using and increase your training.


Just type in the number of weight plates to get the weight calculated. Remove plates from the last set, or add some.

Improve in your exercises and enter the number of repetitions to see if you have improved.

Libraries I used for the project:
The libraries above saved me a lot of time and I was able to get the project into the store with only a little time.
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Alexander Stolte

Licensed User

Alexander Stolte

Licensed User
  • V1.3.0
    • BugFixes
    • Performance improvements
    • Add current set highlighting in the history
    • Add edit dialog to the reps
      • Long Click on a rep to open the dialog
    • Add rep comments - you can now add a comment to a repetition
Repetition edit dialog

Current set highlighting in the history
This way you can better see how many sets you are at, to see how much weight you managed last workout.
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Repetition comments
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Alexander Stolte

Licensed User
  • V1.4.2
    • BugFixes
    • Add Weight-Type
      • Barbell
      • Machine
    • If you choose the weight type "machine", then a new type of weight input is possible
The Weight-Type is a AS_Chips with transparent background and a chip icon with background color
(27) mage.png

The weight chooser on top is a AS_WheelPicker
(28) mage.png