B4J Tutorial Modules Attributes

The following module attributes are supported:

Main Module
  • MainFormWidth / MainFormHeight - Set the main form initial width and height.
  • AdditionalJar - An additional jar file that will be added during compilation. The jar file should be located in the libraries folder. This attribute is used for example with jSQL library to reference the native SQL engine jar. You can add this attribute multiple times.
  • CommandLineArgs - Sets the command line arguments that will be passed during deployment.
  • VirtualMachineArgs - Passes the attribute value to the JVM. Usage example: http://www.basic4ppc.com/android/forum/threads/parsing-huge-text-files.34923/#content
    Note that this attribute doesn't affect the generated jar file.
  • CustomBuildAction - See the B4A tutorial: http://www.basic4ppc.com/android/forum/threads/modules-attributes.24721/#content
  • MergeLibraries - True or False. Whether libraries should be merged into the generated jar file. If set to False then you need to copy the libraries to a folder named libs under the main jar folder (when distributing the app).
  • Library compilation attributes. Covered in the library compilation tutorial

  • Event - Adds an event to the list of events. This attribute only affects the IDE autocomplete feature.
  • RaisesSynchronousEvents - Similar to the libraries @RaisesSynchronousEvents annotation. Only relevant for library compilation and debug mode. The given sub will be marked as a sub that can raise events.
  • IgnoreWarnings - A list of warnings numbers that will be ignored in this module.
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