Wish More default project templates


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I think it would be nice if there were more project templates we can use, or an option to select some common/popular "features" that an app uses to implement into the project, and the corresponding functions would be added automatically, along with the required libraries, manifest file, and layouts.

For example:
When you create a new project, you are given an option to select some features like:
  • Firebase Push Notification
  • Google Map
  • Sliding Drawer
  • etc
Then, depending on what you select, the libraries will be downloaded and activated if it does not already exists, the code needed to make it work will be added, the manifest file will be updated with the required text, and if the "feature" requires a layout, it will be added automatically as well.

Advanced users will probably want to do things themselves, but for beginners and intermediate, it would help save time and I think would help a lot.


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You can create any Template you need/want by yourself