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After learning and working for several years with B4X, I can say that it is the most wonderful language I have ever known.

It does things quickly that other languages do in double or triple time.
All people, businesses, companies, organizations,...
For the occasion I am offering all my small applications at a promotional price of $40, the list of which is:

1. B4A Social Network Version 1.50
2. Simple Chat (WhatsApp and Telegram family)
3. Full private chat and multi-chat (similar to Whatsapp)


Simple chat Design.png

1. AirTM
2. Perfect Money
3. Ria
4. Western Union
5. MoneyGram
6. Bank transfer

If you have a project (no matter the project) and you want us to work for you, my team and I are here for the work.
Contact us to: or to

Sory for my English.

Kind Regards