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Announcing the release of MobileFast SyncStudio!

SyncStudio brings true mobile database synchronization to Basic4Android. With SyncStudio developers can implement a complete mobile database synchronization solution in minutes rather than weeks or months. Best of all SyncStudio works with B4A out of the box so there is no need to waste time having to adapt it.

SyncStudio is a complete solution providing both the server side and client side technology to allow database synchronization and replication. There is no easier or faster way to get your mobile app databases synchronizing to Microsoft SQL Server.

Visit www.dbsyncstudio.com to learn more.

Challenges of Mobile Database Sync
We work with SQLite

Demo Download
QuickStart Guide
User Guide
Product DataSheet

Download a ZIP of just our B4A .Jar

A free Stand-alone Universal Sync Client is available on GOOGLE PLAY. Use it for testing or instead of adding our .JAR to your APP. Full source to this app is included in the SyncStudio installation package.

Please note that the .JAR does require that you use SyncStudio on the server side and create a sync project via our Sync Management Console.

Launch Promotion -

During the month of May use coupon code SSDL-8MLY-BA to receive a 75% discount when you purchase a SyncStudio Developer license. Coupon use entitles buyer to a 1 developer B4A only license of SyncStudio.

This solution is not licensed under CC BY 3.0. Please refer to our license agreement for details.
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Though I have not used the library yet, but it certainly seems interesting.
The cost is quite high for the library as we will at least require a 5 user licence. Is there any discount stil going on.
Does the data handling at the mobile end work in offline mode (the data entered througout the day from mobile/tab is synced to the server at the end of the dy or next day.)

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Yes there are still discounts available and yes SyncStudio is specifically designed for those apps that need off-line database with sync.

Your B4A app would use SQLite to store it's data and then SyncStudio is used to sync with the server database when a connection is available. The sync can be whenever you want (end of day, next day, when the users tabs a button, etc.). That's up to you and how you design your app.

SyncStudio addresses the problem of doing database synchronization between SQLite and MS SQL Server. It also handles for you the creation of the SQLite database on the Android device with the data schema you've selected to publish from the server. SyncStudio will also keep track of any database schema changes that occur over time and automatically apply them to the device side database; preserving un-sync'd data in the process. Of course actual server and device side data changes are also tracked and only the changes are sent across during the synchronization.

There is a lot that SyncStudio does for B4A developers that needs their app to have local off-line database with synchronization to a server database. Not the least of which is that this functionality can all be implemented with minimal to zero programing on your part.

The cost of anything needs to be considered in context to the value provided. Implementing even rudimentary data exchange between SQLite and SQL server (not actual synchronization) usually involves creating custom web services and hard coding data structures for every table to be used. Most of our uses confess that they'd spent weeks (one spent 160 man hours) trying to build something themselves only to get nowhere. They solved their problem and gained 10000% more features in less than 2 hours with SyncStudio. Other users had wasted days and days trying out "free" tools or libraries for database sync only to find they didn't work and had no support. So the "free" product actually cost them hundreds or thousands due to the time they invested/wasted.

As I mentioned above we do have special offers and other incentives. We are also in the process of introducing a new B4A specific pricing model. Please contact me directly so we can discuss (rick@handapps.com).


Rick Calienes

Richard Calienes

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Below is the new pricing model for SyncStudio being introduced on Sept 1, 2014. This new model allows purchase of platform specific licenses rather than having to buy all or nothing. Purchasing the B4A platform specific license of SyncStudio means that only apps created with B4A will be supported at sync time.

Price is USD
SyncStudio Licensing - 1 Year Subscription Basic 4 Andoid Only
Developer - Max. 3 device users

1 Named Developer$ 148.00
1 Team (5 Named Developers)$ 498.00
Price is USD
Production (requires purchase of a least 1 developer lic)
1 SQL Server & 1 SQL Database - 50 device users$ 478.00
1 SQL Server & 1 SQL Database - 150 device users$ 988.00
1 SQL Server & 1 Add'l SQL Database - 50 device users$ 178.00
1 SQL Server & 1 Add'l SQL Database - 150 device users$ 448.00