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Hi Semen Matusovskiy, I need your help on this please.

Please look at the last posting of this link. Thanks

thanks again for your help!

i see it exactly like you, if you already do xui dialogs,
why do they have to look even worse than Android's by default.

(had been able to do like ios).

i did it with custom dialogs but that's a full hassle again.

regards Frank

hi Erel,
confusing how to made a directory at device.
i use : File.MakeDir(File.DirInternal, "dummy") but can not run.

Hi Mondlane06,

I like your school management system and I want to buy a copy of the source code. Considering myself one of your fans and customers as well, I want to place an order with a special offer $25.00. I buy these source codes for my son who has just started his career in programming.

Hoping to receive a positive response from your side.



I have a great deal of experience with VB.NET and B4A.

I even did a project that allowed a B4A app to call VB.Net web services that had ado recordsets as parameters - worked very well.

I would be very interested in discussing your needs.

I look forward to your reply.

-John Cody
Hi Ivica,

Just a quick question about your Ultimate WebView. Is it at all relevant to the B4i platform?

Hi! I love your FirebaseAuth libraries! Humorous note, I was baffled for awhile until I realized the info strings are sometimes in Italian! "Password reset fallito"

I Googled "firebase fallito" and stumped the search engine.

Enrico Fuoti
Enrico Fuoti
haha, ciao Marc thank you.
Sorry some italian strings were left out in the sample project. :)
it looks like password reset failed (fallito),, Are you still experiencing this problem? what are you trying to do?
I ended up figuring it out. I left the Italian though in the error message the user sees: "Password Reset Fallito!"
Enrico Fuoti
Enrico Fuoti
Hello mmieher,
I fixed the messages in the lib,
I'll update it in the lib thread later.. here it is ..


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Hi Johan,

I am using your mpChartlib v1.02 for a single line chart.
Is it possible to mark specific points on the line?

Cenny Breeman

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