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ESP32 Camera Picture Capture and Video Streaming! (Updated with code!)


Last December I made a request for support for the ESP32 Camera support. Well, I finally found the time to work on it myself and here's my initial attempt at implementing this with...
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ESP32: AES256 encrypted & Base64 encoded post message to and from PHP


- AES256 encrypt a message with IV and Salt
- Base64 encode it
- send a http post request to a php script
- decrypt in php
- send back a AES256 encrypted and Base64 encoded message to...


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RSA Encryption: Create keys, en-/decrypt, hash, sign/verify signature (clean code)

This example replaces my previous examples with cleaner inline C coding (I'm getting better :))using almost all variables from Globals. You can define the keysizes (eg. 2048 or 4096). It's fully...


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AES256 encrypted BLE (ESP32 & B4A) example

I took Erel's BLE example and added (as on the ESP32 side) AES256 encryption. For some reasons I wasn't able to use SPIFFS and/or WiFi parallel to BLE on the ESP32 side. Maybe you find a...


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Correct this misconseption - "Call B4R subs from InLine c code" - see post #2

Having had my work flow cut down in the middle by vicious "circumstances" I decided to let it all go and "go fishing" as mr. Miyaghi (Karate kid) would say. So I did some things I couldn't do...
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Arduino MicroPython is coming


Node-Red MQTT controlling 8+8 digital Inp-Out and I2C ADC on ESP32

Here a sample program to control/monitor 8+8 digital Out-Inp, plus an I2C ADC.
The program use the MQTT protocol.
This program is an evolution of the previous one I posted.

This version add...


  • NodeRed_Analog_Digital_Ex.rar
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Node-Red MQTT controlling 8 relays ESP32

Here a sample program to control 8 outputs on arduino ESP32. The program use the MQTT protocol to exchange the data (really a single byte). By Node-red web interface the user set or reset the...


  • 8_relay_ESP.Nodered_example.zip
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SD cards

The rSD library allows reading and writing to SD cards. The Ethernet shield as well as other shields include a SD slot.

The steps required to work with files:
1. Initialize a SD object. You need...


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[Tool]LCD Display Designer

Tool to design LCD Display Layouts for 20x4 or 16x2 displays connected to Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other.


Screenshot application with generated B4R code and an Arduino UNO with...


  • rLiquidCrystal_I2C-110.zip
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  • lcddisplaydesigner.zip
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Arduino Simulator

Hey everybody,

Just found this and looks very impressive...


Glossary for Arduino Development

This is not a tutorial for B4R. I think a glossary of terms might be useful for beginners to electronics and B4R. So I created my own list in GitHub to record the terms that I find need...

MQTT controlling 8 relays, WeMos D1 mini WiFi, Android 4G

Here is a short tutorial on how to control an 8 channel relay module via MQTT. Below you will find both the WeMos and Android source codes needed to get started. The relay module is connected to a...
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ESP32: Simple OTA/Update via WebServer

This example (adapted from the Arduino examples under Arduino->File->Examples)

- downloads a file from a server (exactly: the update file)
- store this file to the filesystem (SPIFFS)
- starts an...

ESP Configurator based on B4RSerializator


This tool replaces the browser based solution...


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  • B4J_ESPConfigurator.zip
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ESP8266 - Getting Started

B4R v1.20 added support for ESP8266 modules. ESP8266 is a great module for IoT solutions. For a few dollars you get a powerful microcontroller with built-in support for wifi.

I recommend to...


  • B4J_ConnectToESP8266.zip
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ESP32: OTP/2FA example

This example generates a OTP/2FA ("One Time Password") as you know it when you login to a website and you get a 6 digit code via sms. It changes every 30 seconds.

How it works:

- as it is time...

E-Paper (probably suitable for battery powered projects)

Here is a nice tutorial by the guy in DronebotWorkshop. What surprised me (and I did not know that) is that with e-paper you only have power consumption while writing to it and no more. Even if...
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Updated RSA Encryption between B4x and ESP32's (any other plattform will do, too)

Here's an updated example how to

- generate an RSA keypair (Public and Private key) on a ESP32 and on B4x
- export these keys in PEM format (compatible with any other plattform like B4x, .net...


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DroneBot Workshop - A great dissection of the new Arduino IDE