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New iOS device - This app cannot be installed because integrity could not be verified

I've just wasted a bit more time than expected, installing B4i-Bridge on a new iPhone.

A few tips:
1. Enable developer mode: Settings - Privacy & Security - scroll down - Developer Mode
2. Don't...

BLE Chat - Connecting Android and iOS

This example is based on the new PeripheralManager type introduced in iBLE v2.00.
Please start with this tutorial...


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multiple modes in plist

I wanted my program to run in the background. (Ios requires an addition to the plist, android requires addition to the manifest) It includes both location and audio. You can find out how to do...
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Open external files with your app

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PageViewController is a pages controller (similar to NavigationController and TabBarController) that allows the user to switch pages with a swipe gesture. It is similar to B4A ViewPager.



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Picking external documents with DocumentPickerViewController


iUI8 v1.60 adds a new type named DocumentPickerViewController. This picker allows the user to choose an external...

[Deprecated][Tool] iWidget - add a today widget to your App

Important: This project is deprecated and should no longer be used!

iWidget is a (experimental) tool which allows you to add a today widget to your B4i app.


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StoreKit2 - Server to Server communication with Apple servers - Clear purchases history for sandbox tester

Third party antivirus interferes with b4i

Perhaps this is well known, if so sorry. My third party anti-virus software may have been interfering with B4i (worked fine on android!). I use AVAST and had to create an exception for B4i. After...

Installing apps with Apple Configurator 2

Starting from B4i v7.20 it is possible to install apps, when the iOS device is physically connected to a local Mac, using Apple Configurator 2.
It is supported by all iOS versions and is a must...
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iStore - In App Purchases

The iStore library allows you to use the store In-App Purchases features inside your app.
You can let the user purchase digital products from inside your app.

(Unsurprisingly) the configuration...
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Creating a certificate and provisioning profile

Don't panic!
While this process can be a bit annoying it is not too complicated and you can always delete the keys and start from scratch (which is not always the case in Android).

Note that you...
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GoogleMaps Tutorial

The iGoogleMaps library allows you to show a map inside your app:


It is similar to B4A GoogleMaps library.

1. In...
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Test web back ends in your computer without fiddler and see what your app will post


Apple: "Account deletion within apps required starting January 31"

"The updates to App Store Review Guideline 5.1.1 last June provided users with greater control over their personal data, stating that all apps that allow for account creation must also allow users...

Add UIRefreshControl To CustomListView

Original Tutorial by @narek adonts

Create a standard class module (Let assume the name of the class is UIRefreshControl),
Sub Class_Globals
    Private CSB As CSBuilder...
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B4X Help Viewer

Attached you find a B4x Help Viewer.
The original program was written by Andrew Graham (agraham) for B4A with Basic4PPC desktop.
Andrew is no more active in the forum and some time ago I...


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(Local Mac) - Upload ipa to Apple Connect without Application Loader


In the past I used Application Loader to upload my .ipa file to Apple Connect. Looks like since Xcode 11, Apple decided to remove it.

Application Loader is no longer included with Xcode...

Open local files with external apps

iPhone library v1.40 includes a new object type named DocumentInteraction.

With this controller you can allow the user to open a local file with an external app (this is the other side of...

Reading the app logs directly on the device


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