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[B4X] Documentation Booklets

The B4X documentation booklets are available in PDF format, Download Link.
All files are included in the zip file in the link above, pdf booklets and all the source code.

You can also...
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[B4X] Features that Erel recommends to avoid

Many things have changed in B4X and also in the underlying platforms. I will try to list here all kinds of (old) features that have better alternatives.
B4X is backward compatible so these...
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[B4X] "Code Smells" - common mistakes and other tips

"Code smells" are common patterns that can indicate that there is a problem in the code. A problem doesn't mean that the code doesn't work, it might be that it will be difficult to maintain it or...
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Receivers and Services in 2023+

In the early days of Android services were simple to use and powerful. They allowed doing all kinds of things in the backgrounds with very few restrictions. That's not the case with newer versions...
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B4Xgoodies_from_walt61 Online


As JamesGreaves requested,
"So do you not think it would be of value to have even something like @walt61 has created but online?"...
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AdMob mediation with Meta - Facebook and 20+ other networks (not tested)

This tutorial assumes that you already have FirebaseAdMob2 implemented in your app.

Implementation is tested in native Android app, not in B4A. You can test it if you want.

You need to...
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Check if the application is running on a Chromebook

If you want to check if the application is running on a Chromebook (for example to do some specific GUI reconfiguration to run in a resizable Window), you can use the following routine.
Hope it...

[B4XPages] Bluetooth Chat Example


Updated implementation, based on B4XPages of https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/android-bluetooth-bluetoothadmin-tutorial.14768/#content.

The code is much simpler...


  • BluetoothChat.zip
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B4A Social Network Version 1.30

Audio Ringbuffer

if you want to build instant music in apps from single sounds, it is important that the samples are absolutely synchron and perfect in timing. So you should send one single stream to the system...
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Very simple GPS Program

Hi guys,

how to use :

1. copy the starter into your project

    If Starter.GPS1.GPSEnabled = False Then
        ToastMessageShow("Please enable the GPS device.", True)...


  • GPSbyJCD.zip
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FusedLocationProvider + Resolution Dialog

** This is the only option to enable location services from inside your app. **

Example was updated and is based on B4XPages.
Don't miss:

1. ShowResolutionDialog sub that is added to Main. It...


  • Project.zip
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BLE nRF Connect pre-BLE2 problem solving

It is surprising how often the basics get missed, when embroiled in heat of battle of programmer vs hardware, operating system, complex apis and libraries, etc.

I have found that whenever my BLE2...
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Connect B4A to Bluestacks 5

Step 1. Copy the adb file path

- Locate the adb file in the SDK folder.
- Copy the adb file path

Path example: C:\B4A\sdk\platform-tools

Step 2. Connect the B4A adb with the emulator IP

- Open...

[B4X] [B4XPages] GoogleMaps example


Example of showing a Google map, in a cross platform B4XPages project. The APIs of the three GoogleMaps libraries are quite different from one another, so we need to use platform...


  • Project.zip
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New online AI Regex Generator!

Check this out!

sheetai.app which helps use ai in google sheets, just ask it and done!

Quick Demo:


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B4A-Bridge source code

B4A-Bridge is made of two components. One component is running on the device and the other is embedded in the IDE.
The device side is the server side. It waits for connections and when a...


  • B4A-Bridge-source.zip
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Background location tracking


Simple example of a foreground service that keeps the process running in the background. The current location is shown in...


  • MyLocation.zip
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Webview & File.DirAssets - Enough Already

a code module provided by member Ivica Golubovic allows you to continue using...


  • assets.zip
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Capture volume keys events while app is in the background

Could some Java guru kindly convert the following codes into B4A code for me, if possible, please? I would greatly appreciate it!

I'm looking for a reliable solution as a background service...

B4A Book Now Covers Version 11.20


I am happy to announce that both the paperback and electronic versions of the B4A tutorial and reference book “B4A Rapid Android App Development using BASIC” by Wyken Seagrave have...

[B4X] AS WheelPicker PlusMinus Example


This is an example project to demonstrate what is possible with the beautiful ASWheel. From version 2.0 it is possible per function animated (also possible without animations)...


  • AS WheelPicker PlusMinus Example.zip
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Word wrap paragraph text to specified maximum characters line length

We needed to do some word-wrapping re: this thread and figured I may as well post my tawdry effort in case anybody else is looking for ideas 🍻 or code to hang s**t on 🤣

It has some niceish...
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