1. Vinians2006

    Android Question Error when trying to put adaptive icons on my app

    Hello mates! I am trying to put adaptive icons on my app. The app used to work perfectly before but now it even able to be downloaded by Android OS. I tryed everything. If I use the menu options "choose icon" the app works again. Please can someone look at my src and help me to find this error ...
  2. Sagenut

    Android Tutorial Widget Layout (Resizable, Adaptive)

    Not sure if this can be considered a Tutorial, my first attempt. Lately I started to play with Widgets, mostly for curiosity. The main problem I encountered was how to design the Layout to make it resizable and make the content to adapt automatically to size changes. Unluckily designing a widget...
  3. Scotter

    iOS Question Adapt to all iOS resolutions?

    Does anyone want to share an app I can use as a template to get started on building a simple iOS app that adapts to all current iPhones and iPads? This will be my first iOS app. What I want to make is an iOS version of this Android app I made a couple years ago...
  4. R

    Android Question Adaptive Icons In Android 9 'Pie'

    My lead development device is a Samsung S9+ which has just updated to Android 9 'Pie'. The first thing that strikes you is that all the icon frames have turned to 'Squircles' with most looking OK but some B4A apps looking very out of place. On the device there was previously a dialogue...