1. W

    Share My Creation MakeBxL - create a layout file from text or from an SQLite table (B4X) (Tool) (Source included)

    I wanted a quick way to generate a layout file (add the views and their names and events) to then fine-tune it with the Designer - MakeBxL does that, either from - a list of names (for the views) that you add in its TextArea, or - from an SQLite database table Some additional options are...
  2. S

    B4A Library B4XLib 100% B4X code to animate your layout.

    Hi, this B4Xlib animates your layout . views falls from to top to their initials position The B4XLib and 2 sample projects (B4J and B4A) are attached to this post. Should be OK with B4I The animation use a Cubic Bezier Curve for 'elastic' effect spsp
  3. R

    Android Question Altering name of customview class module and designer view

    I have a customview class module that I would like to rename. Doing this will cause a problem in all the layout files that have this customview added to the layout as it remains added with the old name and it won't recognize the new name. As there are many layout files with this customview it...
  4. DarkoT

    Other Best idea for creating multilevel layout

    Hi, need idea (best practice) how to create user friendly input in B4J desktop app which will allow user to input WORKORDERS. On first level user will input a "head" (=production order) which will contains customer ID, date, description, ... On second level user should create many workorders...
  5. universengo

    B4J Question Problem with menubar to load layout [B4Xpage Project]

    Hello experts! I'm a newbie, looking for some help. I use B4XPages Project to create an app with 1 main layout with menubar and sub-layouts corresponding to click menus. For each layout, I create a corresponding B4Xpage module class to easily name components and code commands. The problem is: 1)...
  6. Lucas Siqueira

    Bug? Failed to copy layout from ios to android, properties are not fully copied

    When I copy the designer from one platform to another, the properties (BackgroundColor, BorderColor, BorderSize, BorderRadius) of the button component are not copied from b4i to b4a, the reverse also happens. Note: scrollview does not copy background property. (please make the scrollview...
  7. Valentino.b

    Italian Template B4A partendo da un "free web template"

    Ciao a tutti ho realizzato un sito web utilizzando uno dei molti "free template" disponibili su internet. Adesso vorrei realizzare l'APP Android, riutilizzando lo stesso template (stessi pulsanti, stesse form, stessi messaggi di errore, ....) Come si dovrebbe procedere? Vi ringrazio
  8. N

    Spanish Orden de los views en el layout

    Hola. Hace un tiempo leí un hilo referente al orden de los views en el layout. Hago búsquedas que no dan resultado, tampoco recuerdo si estaba en inglés (creo que en español). Se hacía referencia a que al ir añadiendo views, dentro del layout se les asignaba un número por orden de creación. Ese...
  9. PabloA


    Hola, buenas noches, soy nuevo en la programación de Android. Mi pregunta es la siguiente, estoy haciendo una aplicación para mostrar un diseño en bucle, pero cuando ejecuto el programa no se detiene en el primer valor sino que pasa y muestra el diseño hasta el último valor. Cualquier...
  10. epiCode

    Android Question Layout Refactoring

    It is easy to refactor variables or names in code by right click > find all references > rename But when I rename a custom control from "customlistview" to "myclv", do I need to manually change it in all layouts by 1. noting down variables settings of every "customlistview" in some notepad 2...
  11. MarcRB

    B4J Question Loading layout in pane will not stretch/resize to pane size

    Hello, I made a layout by abstract designer. It is a layout for using in container like a pane. All views are anchord and it will be resized perfect, as I can see in Wysiwyg preview window. But when I load that layout into a pane on a page , then the layout has a fixed size. The pane it self...
  12. rleiman

    Android Question [Solved] - Custom widgets XML layout

    Greetings everyone, I was looking at this thread on how to make a custom XML file and manifest coding so a widget can be customised. I would like to alter the coding in the manifest so it will work for...
  13. Marcos Alves

    iOS Question iPhone Sizes and Layouts

    Hello Community, today I was alerted by an user that an app that we developed for iPhone is showing some issues in the layout on an iPhone XS. We developed using an iPhone 8, but it's supposed that IOS should show almost the same design independent of the screen size (at least considering...
  14. A

    Android Question Problem with using Material Icons

    Hi all. In my app I add Material Icons as a button text and it looks good, checked with my 3 different phones. Few other clients that are using this app also checked and it looks good. The icons are arrow_back (0x5C4) and feedback (0xE87F) On one phone instead of these icons user sees Chinese...
  15. Xela

    Italian Problemi con Panel

    Salve a tutti, questo è il mio primo thread, spero quindi di porre correttamente il problema che riscontro. Nella creazione/composizione di un'Activity quando aggiungo più di x Panel il layout non si comporta più in modo corretto. Vi allego qui due immagini e un esempio di codice. Se qualcuno...
  16. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - B4XPages - Loading layouts

    Greetings, I just migrated a working non-B4XPages app over to B4XPages because CallSubDelayed was not working correctly when the old app did not have focus. I was advised to migrate to B4XPages. That issue has been resolved just by doing the migration. It seems that loading layouts is done...
  17. sadeq.hitex

    B4A Library Hitex TransformationLayout

    🌠 Transform into a different view or activity using morphing animations. Using Transformation motions of new material version. Github : (Kotlin) Just for B4A min sdk : 21...
  18. rleiman

    Android Question [SOLVED] - Anchors seem to be ignored when using SetLayoutAnimated

    Greetings, I started to experiment with B4XPages and really like them. I also used SetLayoutAnimated to slide a layout called pnlWhiteDialog into view. It slides into view as expected but the alignment of the views on the layout are not being displayed as expected. For example I have a Label...
  19. amorosik

    Android Question Layout copy from B4A to B4J - is possible ?

    Given an existing B4A project, is it possible to copy (with operating system command) the .lay files (layouts) to use them in the B4J environment? Basically is it possible to copy screenshots from Android project to B4J? And is the opposite also possible, ie from B4J to B4a? Finally from B4A to...
  20. Martin Larsen

    iOS Question When is layout ready for changes in code?

    I have this code in Application_Start: pnlBottomMain.LoadLayout("bottompanel") pnlBottomMain.Height = pnlBottom.height-2 pnlBottomMain.Top = MainPanel.Height - pnlBottomMain.Height However, the layout adjustments are not shown. But if I put the same two lines in a click handler, it works...