1. W

    B4J Question [SOLVED] Resizing ScrollPane doesn't adjust anchored contents

    I must be missing something fundamental here. When resizing the form's width, the contents (which are all anchored in the Designer) don't appear to resize with the ScrollPane and its InnerNode. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Code (which is the attached test project): Sub...
  2. Diego Roman

    Android Question Auto resize fonts size

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible for B4A to automatically adjust the font size according to the screen size of the device on which it is running? I made an Android app that looks good on my device but when I tried it on other devices with bigger screens, the font size doesn't adjust...
  3. aeric

    B4J Library [Source code] ImageScaler

    Introduction: I don't know if there is any library exist to resize image in B4J non-UI app. I thought such library will be useful to process images for web server in building REST API for e-commerce or e-learning web apps. I found an example on web and chose the third method, from an old project...
  4. W

    B4J Question B4XDialog resize not catching - what am I missing?

    When the main form is resized, I'd like the B4XDialog to be resized as well. However, I have the impression it just moves so that it remains centered on the form, and its dimensions don't change? Test project attached, and thanks in advance for any tips!
  5. Michael2150

    Android Question Custom List View Resize Stretch

    Hi everyone, I have custom list view and I'm resizing it with the following bit of code. The code works it resizes the panel and its clv to the exact size I need it to be, but when it resizes, all the views inside the clv stretch almost to fill the clv and then the clv shrinks to the desired...
  6. F

    Android Question Stickerview2 or two or more images

    Hello. I'm trying to use the Stickerview2 library to use two or more images that I can move, rotate and resize, but I can't find much detail. I need a small example with only that part and thanks for your support since I have several days trying to find the solution. If that library is no...
  7. MarcRB

    B4J Question Loading layout in pane will not stretch/resize to pane size

    Hello, I made a layout by abstract designer. It is a layout for using in container like a pane. All views are anchord and it will be resized perfect, as I can see in Wysiwyg preview window. But when I load that layout into a pane on a page , then the layout has a fixed size. The pane it self...
  8. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question B4XPage Resize

    Hello, i was testing my application and found a problem. Like i'm showing in the image, my cell phone allows me to hide the navigation bar. The moment I do this in the app, it displays a white bar in place and doesn't scroll down the screen elements. There is a way to handle the B4XPage Resize...
  9. Sagenut

    Android Tutorial Widget Layout (Resizable, Adaptive)

    Not sure if this can be considered a Tutorial, my first attempt. Lately I started to play with Widgets, mostly for curiosity. The main problem I encountered was how to design the Layout to make it resizable and make the content to adapt automatically to size changes. Unluckily designing a widget...
  10. M

    iOS Question [B4X] Chat Layout bad textfield positioning

    Hi, I'm slowly integrate the chat example from @Erel (Thanks you) but when I click the textfield it resize in a bad way I guess. It's too much above the keyboard. Thank to anyone will answer!
  11. M

    Bug? B4i IDE Method missing in IntelliSense

    I noticed that for Page element are missing the method "_Click" and "_Resize(Width, Height)" that exists.
  12. Lucas Eduardo

    Android Question Drag, Drop, Rotate and Resize Images

    Hello, i was looking for a lib that do all the functions mentioned in title and the best lib that i found and that works perfectly is this one made by @Johan Schoeman But it's only working with one image...
  13. palpedrinha

    iOS Question B4XDialog / B4XDialoSignatureTemplate change Size Width+Height

    Hi All, I'm using the B4XDialog and B4XDialoSignatureTemplate with iphone and everything is ok. Now I'm moving some APPs to work with iPad and I got a problem! Well ... is not really a problem like a bug or a crash. It's a visual problem! The iPad screen is bigger than an iPhone screen and...
  14. R

    Android Question resizing web page to webview

    I am trying to display a webpage in a webview. webview1.loadurl("") When the page loads, it extends beyond the right edge of the webview. Is there a way to get the webpage to render resized to the dimensions of the webview object?
  15. M

    Android Example Select,Upload,Display,Delete image from Server

    Hello everyone, First of all, I want thank Erel, DonManfred and KMatle because a lot of the codes for them. In this example (Select an image from gallery and display it, Resize the image, Save the image from Imageview to app's folder, Upload the image to the server, Display the image from the...