Share My Creation B4J ERP Web Api server

Hi, I would like to share a very positive experience I had with end-users - particularly because of the ease of use.
Thanks to the B4x community, I found this wonderful tool and a fantastic team that is always ready to help. Within B4J, I developed an ERP WEB API server for a specific client. I used a wonderful design in the form of a WEB API template created by @aeric , and I would especially like to thank him here - for the very well-structured system, well-documented code, and especially for the excellent support, so I highly recommend using this template. In short - what makes the ERP WEB API server special:
  1. Because of the included Jetty server, no special installation is required; it simply involves copying the EXE (for Windows) or the JAR file (for example, for Linux).
  2. The system serves as an API server, which interacts with the database (in this case, we use MS SQL Server), intercepts requests from the front-end system, and responds in JSON format.
  3. It is extremely fast.
  4. All queries and new API calls can be added without modifying the source code (the source remains unchanged); new APIs are simply described, for example, in an INI file:
#API ZA password change
Api_Description=POST routine which enable to change userpassword
Database_Select=EXEC InfD_UpdatePass @username = '%username%', @NewPass = '%password%';

on Front-end is API accesible:


5. We use an SSL key to secure the communication (HTTPS protocol).
6. CORS, which can be problematic in some systems, is well covered here.

If anyone is interested in the source, I am willing to share it.

Let's stay B4x ;)

Best regards, DaT