Bug? FirebaseMessaging (fm_MessageArrived (Message As RemoteMessage)) Tag Error


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It does not support FirebaseMessaging notification Tag.
Why it is necessary?
If you want to Send Picture Notifications while the Application is Closed, You can Send with this command.

Sending Picture Notification While Application is Closed:
{"notification": {

"title": "title test",

"body": "body test",

"sound": "default",

"color": "#067dc1",

"image": "https://media1.tenor.com/images/4f9e31e2a854c2435d128defd1a1988d/tenor.gif?itemid=9836912"     


   "registration_ids": ["c1JNKgZtQmyhEToQ2PhQdK:APA91bHHvJboBY1F5dRhV71eKo-c2CKvbTAE4M5cnffIKCixkPNN5R1YX2LDAnjXvQoonEvGfmVZy68bxBjD42ge1OgzHHSsk4hP7vT-J-nuZRlNldPgmgIbZotpPGENcIbIzCPCy0zi"]

When the Application is Open, Information is Received if there is only a Data Tag.
But you cannot send photos in the data tag.

Tag notification that supports both official and data.

I don't know if the application is open and closed. I have provided a temporary solution.
I am sending both data and notification labels.
I access the link from the image tag and print the image with nv6.

image_URL = my tag

Send pictures with the app open and closed:
      "title":"title test",
      "body":"body test",
      "title":"title test",
      "body":"body test",


image link=log( Message.GetData.Get("image_URL"))