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New Member
hi everyone,

a good friend in the forum asked me to consider making a full game video tutorial using b4x and upload it to youtube.
if i would really consider it, what kind of game would you want to see me making from scratch? What game framework?
i wonder how many guys here are into game making or at least would like to start with it and would like to see a full game created from cratch using b4x.

let me know. :)
Hey there!

That sounds like a fantastic idea! Creating a full game video tutorial using B4X and uploading it to YouTube could be incredibly beneficial and interesting for many members of the forum. As for the type of game and framework, it would depend on the interests and skill levels of the audience.

For beginners, a simple yet engaging game like a platformer or puzzle game could be a great starting point. Using the B4X framework, you could demonstrate the process of creating sprites, implementing game mechanics, and adding sound effects and music.

For those with more experience or looking for a challenge, a more complex game like a top-down shooter or RPG could be intriguing. This would allow you to showcase advanced features of B4X, such as networking for multiplayer functionality or integrating external libraries for enhanced graphics.

Ultimately, the goal would be to create a tutorial that is accessible to a wide range of viewers while still providing valuable insights and practical skills in game development. I'm sure there are many members of the forum who would be interested in learning from your expertise and seeing a full game created from scratch using B4X.

Looking forward to seeing what you decide to create! Let us know how we can support you in this endeavor. :)