Android Question Minor update to ExternalStorage class required?


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If I'm wrong about this feel free to shoot me down and suggest an alternative.

With the arrival of API 29 and the inability to use File.DirExternal to play with the internal external memory it seems that we will need to use the ExternalStorage class to access that memory. In fact it is likely that we will need two instances of ExternalStorage, one for the internal memory and one for an SD Card, or even three if we use a USB stick.

As it is currently coded ExternalStorage uses a single hard coded name for the file that stores the persistent URI and so seems to restrict its use to a single instance. I think we need some differentiator to allow multiple instances.

By the way there is a typo in the parameter name for Sub SelectDir, not that it matters.

SelectDir (UsePreviouslySelectedIfAvaiable As Boolean)
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