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It's possible for you to use the default b4a Spinner and simple set a custom adapter.
The custom adapter will replace the default b4a Spinner's default adapter and give you the results you want.

I'll find some time later to take a look.



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I think the custom adapter will overwite all stuff like colors etc. Tried a few things but did not work 100%.


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(Bringing back to life this old thread, since my question is directly related to it)

Seems like an occasional NullPointerException is thrown if an Activity is paused while the Adapter is requesting a View from the b4a code.
I'll hopefully fix that next week.

I needed a customizable spinner and found this lifesaver. It is perfect for what I want and could customize the xml to fit my needs :), but I am also having these NullPointerExceptions on Activity_Pause.

Did you fix it? If so, is it available somewhere?

Thanks in advance!