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String to variable - Iterate variable names

This is a simple idea to replace the function "eval" or "execute" that other programming languages have. The purpose is to retrieve a variable from a string:

How to iterate variable...

B4J Change Log (version history)

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Working with JavaFX Scene Builder

This is an old and irrelevant tutorial.
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Parsing huge text files

The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) performance is quite amazing.

This means that we can use B4J to build apps that handle huge files.
I downloaded a 3.7GB log file from this server. Each line...

Modules Attributes

The following module attributes are supported:

Main Module
  • MainFormWidth / MainFormHeight - Set the main form initial width and height.
  • AdditionalJar - An...
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Magnifying glass example


A Canvas node is used to magnify a small window under the mouse cursor.

The main code is:
Sub iv_MouseMoved...


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RDC client


  • RDC-Client.zip
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Moving Smiley Example


This example uses a Canvas node together with a Timer to draw a moving smiley.

The Canvas node is a special node the you...


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