B4J Tutorial [ABMaterial] PGMenuCard - A composite Component

Hi Guys,

In a project I've recently started working, I saw the need to create a "Custom" component... But since ABMaterial already uses this denomination for ABMCustomComponents, I decided to call this one a "CompositeComponent", mainly because it just uses already available components and makes them work as one.

This was created to be used as a MenuItem in a Grid Like Menu.

It is Highly customizable, and has one event... "Click"...
BUT, in order to be able to catch this event, some changes need to be done to the Page_ParseEvent;
    If eventName = "beforeunload" Then
        Log("preparing for url refresh")
        ABM.RemoveMeFromCache(ABMShared.CachedPages, ABMPageId)
    else If eventName = "page_rowclicked" Then '# This is the block that needs to be added
        Dim MenuItemName As String = Params.Get("target") '#
        If SubExists(Me, MenuItemName & "_Clicked") Then '#
            CallSub(Me, MenuItemName & "_Clicked") '#
            LogError(MenuItemName & "_Clicked Not Found") '#
        End If '#
    End If

This is due to the fact that the Click event is being fired by a CELL and that at page level is cannot be "individualized"... BUT it can be filtered!

I have Commented the Subs as accurately as possible, and it should be easy enough to use...

I leave you with the Code Module, and will gladly answer any questions, and/or requests...
More CompositeComponents will surely follow...


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