Android Code Snippet Add pinned shortcut

This code shows a dialog that lets the user add a shortcut on the home screen. You can modify the intent and add extra keys and values which can later be used by your app.
Activity_Resume will be called when the shortcut is clicked. You can get the intent with Activity.GetStartingIntent.
#AdditionalJar: androidx.core:core

Sub RequestPinShortcut (id As String, icon As Bitmap, ShortLabel As Object, Update As Boolean)
    Dim ctxt As JavaObject
    Dim ShortcutManagerCompat As JavaObject
    Dim supported As Boolean = ShortcutManagerCompat.RunMethod("isRequestPinShortcutSupported", Array(ctxt))
    If supported Then
        Dim builder As JavaObject
        builder.InitializeNewInstance("", Array(ctxt, id))
        builder.RunMethod("setShortLabel", Array(ShortLabel))
        builder.RunMethod("setIcon", Array(CreateIconFromBitmap(icon)))
        Dim in As Intent
        in.Initialize(in.ACTION_MAIN, "")
        in.SetComponent(Application.PackageName & "/.main") 'lower case
        builder.RunMethod("setIntent", Array(in))
        Dim info As JavaObject = builder.RunMethod("build", Null)
        If Update Then
            Dim infos As List = Array(info)
            Log("Update successfully? " & ShortcutManagerCompat.RunMethod("updateShortcuts", Array(ctxt, infos)))
            ShortcutManagerCompat.RunMethod("requestPinShortcut", Array(ctxt, info, Null))
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Private Sub CreateIconFromBitmap(bmp As Bitmap) As Object
    Dim ic As JavaObject
    Return ic.InitializeStatic("").RunMethod("createWithBitmap", Array(bmp))
End Sub
Depends on JavaObject.
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