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Not all, but most of my B4A-B4J-B4R libraries are fully open-source and I will post one
or more demo projects with inline classes you can recompile directly to a library.

I will release the open-source code on B4X Forum and github:

Currently I not yet developed B4R libraries, I tried to port some my ESP C++ libraries but I had difficulties to adapt to B4R.
I plain to do it in future, time permitting. I do not use B4i but most of open-source code is easly adaptable to it.

Because I don't like put my name prefix in library names, most or my libraries are just
prefixed with( j) for B4J, (r) for B4R and without prefix for B4A.
Other libraries I just prefix with (Class) but are full libraries eg. ClassSlider, ClassMixer etc...
In any case you never find MM to prefix libraries with my name. I think all peoples should do the same, IMHO is really
annoying search libraries in the library tab prefixed in alphabetical order not by library, but by author.... a very very bad idea...

B4A Libraries
[B4A] CustomMinimalSlider - Minimalistic slider that can do slider or progress bar (open-source with inline class)

B4J Libraries
AsyncCanvas, B4XCanvas wrapper with Invalidate for B4J

B4R Libraries

Code Snippets

[B4A] External Storage Extras
[B4A-B4J-B4R] Check if an IP Address is Private or Public
[B4J] Remove Aliasing on Canvas horizontal and vertical lines
[algorithm] First post. Map a value from one range to another range. The simple way.

[algorithm] Digital Low-Pass Filter
[algorithm] Bresenham Line Algorithm. Linear interpolation
[Code snippet] Transfer files from Android to ESP8266-ESP32 micro SD Card in plain TCP (no FTP)
CodeMirror Javascript Code editor wrapper on Android - a proof of concept

[B4R] B4Rh2xml UI Simple tool to create B4R xml file from B4R header file
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