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In the name of God

The author of the Library : MohammadReza Pirzadeh
Hello dear colleagues
Library MP_Dialogs | Show all types of dialogues
It was completely written and you can enjoy its beautiful features
📚 This library is able to create different types of dialogues and the important thing is that you can display all dialogues with high graphics and apply a lot of personalization to each dialogue.

❇️ Key point: All dialogs can automatically adjust the size of the dialog according to the input text

📚 This home book has been checked from all sides and the necessary tools and accesses have been applied so that the user's hand is open

📚 All dialogues have their own sub and you can see the result of dialogues by creating sub or WaitFor

❇️ In the next Telegram post, you can see the sample source and its performance video along with the library. And I will also put it at the bottom of this post so that you can easily download it

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