Android Code Snippet Torch in CamEx2

For some reason there is no support for the torch feature in CamEx2. Add this Sub to CamEx2 (v1.31) to have a torch:

Public Sub setTorch(pbolOn As Boolean, pbolVideoRecording As Boolean)
    SetBothMaps("FLASH_MODE", FLASH_MODE.IndexOf(IIf(pbolOn, "TORCH", "OFF")))
    StartPreview(TaskIndex, pbolVideoRecording)
End Sub


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My code above works on old Samsung and Huawei devices but not on modern devices like VIVO with Android 14. The following problem occurs:

The torch is turned off immediately before the photo is taken and does not turn on again.

I found the Camera.AbortCaptures in the Sub TakePictureNow() responsible for this behavior, but I do not understand why. Can someone please provide more insight into this? Thanks!

Btw: It does not help to set the AE Mode to "ON" before setting the Flash to "TORCH" although this can be found in some posts in Stackoverflow as a solution.
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