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[Web][SithasoDaisy] Bulk Email / Email Campaigns with the SithasoDaisy Mini CRM WebApp, PocketBase & GMail

Hi Fam..

With the possibility to add web hooks in PocketBase, one is able without any use of third party email sending applications use STMP configuration. We are currently using GMail and a...


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[BANano] Using PocketBase (Firebase Alternative) for your Apps.

Hi there.

Update: This class is based on the JavaScript SDK available here, https://github.com/pocketbase/js-sdk
REST API calls are dont internal to the library, if you want to use pure...
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[Web][SithasoIONIC7] Mastering Server Progressive Web Apps

Hi Fam

In this thread we will look at creating BANanoServer Applications using SithasoIONIC7 Mobile Kit. BANanoServer is the equivalent of ABM but for BANano, but with the full power of...

[Web] ABMaterial vs BANanoServer: Are you confused about them?

Hi Fam

Perhaps an illustration can help.


Conclusion: Reaching the same goal

Let me explain..

1. Anyone who wants to develop Server WebApps, has 2 options with Alain's...

[Web][SithasoDaisy] Mastering Server Progressive Web Apps

Hi Fam

In this thread we will look at creating BANanoServer Applications using SithasoDaisy. BANanoServer is the equivalent of ABM but for BANano, but with the full power of using the...

[Web] SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Ionic 7 Mobile Apps Designs

Good day family...

ANNOUNCEMENT: 07 Feb 2014 - We welcome the Voice Command KITT (#23)

So I tried my first voice recording today. I wanted to make a live recording, will learn...
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Reflection of a single ray inside a circle

The circle - 0 degrees is measured from the positive x-axis
In the attached sample project the first point (pih_0) is at 324.2 degrees. The second point (phi_1) is at 144.7 degrees
We draw a line...


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[Web][SithasoIONIC7][Wireframes] - Creating b4x layouts

Hi Fam

It is with pleasure to announce that our first test into this journey has yielded perfect results. A many thanks to the MakeBxL project and the rest of the people who make this...


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[B4XTurtle]L-Systems and The Money Tree


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[Web][SithasoKITT] - Voice Command for your Web Applications

Hi Fam


If you grew up in my days, you will recognize this car. KITT, Michael Knights pride. A car that could talk and do wonders!!! Anyway...

SithasoKITT is just a simple wrap of...


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[Web] Mashy Teaches Mobile App Development using SithasoIONIC7 powered by b4x & BANano

Hi there

Open Demo on your CellPhone.

During the course of these lessons we will look at how we can create mobile apps using Ionic 7, powered by b4x and BANano.

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[Web][SithasoIONIC7] Adding RTL (Right to Left) Support for your apps

Hi Fam

Let's add RTL (Right to Left) support for our app, so that is looks like this.


In pgInitialize

Sub Initialize
    'initialize the app, show ios mode...

Modular Multiplication on a Circle

B4J Project attached. No other libs other than the default B4J libs required (can probably be easily converted to B4A and B4I as it only draws on a standard B4J canvas)

The code is simple and the...


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Tusi Couple

A nice Optical illusion when running the B4J project - the small yellow balls all move just in a straight line.

B4J Project attached
Jar and XML for CanvasExt by @klaus attached - copy them...


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[Web] Php-Wasm - this should be interesting...

Athom Pre-Flashed TASMOTA Infrared Remote Controller with B4X (Home Automation)


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Anyone for a game of Snooker

Have compiled this Github project into a Jar so that it can be kick started from within B4J. Made some minor changes to the original code to that the /res folder could be embedded...


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Colliding Balls

Converted this Github project to B4J - it is like watching snooker. A bit of physics in it to detect collisions and then change speed/direction

B4J sample project attached


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[Web][SithasoGunDB] - SEA: Security, Encryption & Authorization using IndexedDB Back-End

Hi Fam

Demo on Vercel

Today we look at how we can perform user authentication using GunDB. GunDB uses localstorage / indexedDb / file / and other databases as back-ends through various...
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Bouncing Balls



Comment/uncomment the code in class Ball(move) and see gravity, friction, damping changing the behavior of the balls.

Public Sub move
'    Dim damp As Double = 0.99...


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