Android Tutorial B4A-Bridge a new way to connect to your device

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There are several options to develop with B4A:
- Android emulator or a VM.
- Connect to a real device in USB debugging mode
- Connect to a real device with B4A-Bridge.

I recommend starting with B4A-Bridge, which is the simplest connection method.

USB Debug Mode

You will need to first configure your device to support USB debugging (Settings - Developer - USB debugging).

In order to reveal the developer settings you should follow these instructions:
- Choose Settings - About Phone
- Find the Build Number entry and click on it 7 times.
- On many devices you need to set the USB connection type to MTP or PTP.

Not all devices support USB debugging.


B4A-Bridge is made of two components. One component runs on the device and allows the second component which is part of the IDE to connect and communicate with the device.
The connection is done over the local network or with a Bluetooth connection.

Once connected, B4A-Bridge supports all of the IDE features which include: installing applications, viewing the logs, debugging and the visual designer (taking screenshots is not supported).

Android doesn't allow applications to quietly install other applications, therefore when you run your application using B4A-Bridge you will see a dialog asking you to approve the installation.

Getting started with B4A-Bridge
1. First you need to install B4A-Bridge on your device.
B4A-Bridge can be downloaded from Google Play:

Note that you need to allow installation of applications from "Unknown sources". This is done by choosing Settings from the Home screen - Manage Applications.

2. Run B4A-Bridge on your device. It will display a screen similar to:


3. Connect the IDE to the device

Go to Tools -> B4A-Bridge -> Connection -> New IP

You will be asked to enter the device IP address. The IP is displayed on the device.

The status bar at the bottom of the screen shows the current status:



That's it.

When B4A-Bridge gets connected it first checks if the designer application needs to be updated. In that case it will first install the designer application.

B4A-Bridge keeps running as a service until you press on the Stop button.
You can always reach it by opening the notifications screen.

As mentioned above, when you run an application you are required to approve the installation. You will usually see the following screens:


Note that the Internet permission is automatically added in debug mode.


In the above dialog you should choose Open to start the application.
If you try to install an existing application signed with a different key, the install will fail (without any meaningful message). You should first uninstall the existing application. Go to the home screen - Settings - Applications - Manage applications - choose the application - Uninstall.

Once you finished developing you should press on the Stop button in order to save battery.


With B4A-Bridge the logs will only appear in release mode if you add this line to the main module:
#BridgeLogger: True
It is better to comment this line before submitting your app to Google Play.

B4A-Bridge source code is available here:


You can click on the B4A-Bridge status in the IDE to connect or disconnect the bridge.


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Thanks Erel, after I turned off the app called 'Twilight' I could use the 'install' button again! I was too much focussed on B4A that I did not check XDA too. Anyway, problem solved!

Regards, Sander


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I'm using B4A-Bridge 2.09
Connect phone through wifi
Everything is fine.
...but when I compile in debug mode I cannot see any log in the IDE...
I'm a newbie so I probably misunderstood some passage... Can someone halp me?


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Yes, completely empty. Exept these first 2 lines:

LogCat connected to: B4A-Bridge: ZWX ZP980+-357774050978690
--------- beginning of /dev/log/main

(that's all)


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It was my mistake.
I just linked the bridge without clean the project. Therefore the logs were still connected to the emulator.
The bridge is working perfectly, but I preferred to switch to USB (much faster) even if it wasn't easy to configure with a couple of ultra-cheap Chinese tablets...


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well i have a problem with connecting to bridge to

try to uninstall many tools like Virtualbox and restart modem setting !

still got this :

My IP:
Status: Disconnected.
Waiting For connections.

after that i try to disable NOD32 Firewall and after that all problems solved !

Martin Larsen

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Is it possible to bypass the confirmation of app installation? I find it a bit tedious to Confirm Install and then press Open to see the results. Especially when debugging.

My phone is rooted.

PS. I know the risc of disabling the confirmation.
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Martin Larsen

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Ok. I already use the rapid debugger. But for certain changes it is still necessary to start over. It's not a big deal though.


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I have downloaded B4A Bridge from Google Playstore and installed on my device - Vodafone Smart Tab 3G.
However, I cannot find the B4A Bridge application on my device??
Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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Hi Erel...this App not view a icon into Android TV.
You should correct the Manifest ;)


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Yes. I downloaded it and I change the manifest. Now I can view the icon lauch into screen applications on my TV. ;)
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