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I have developed a small cross-platform App with B4xPage.
It is used to store the school register on an online DB (mySql). Both teachers, administrators and students can use the same App, logging in with their credentials and consulting the data of their interest.

The administrators (manager, secretariat) can access everything. Personal data, evaluations and statistics.
In the registry we find the data of each Administrator, Educational Consultant and student. Each has their own account and password and an attached photo (the photo will be stored in the DB at a low resolution)

Courses are created in the DB and each course is assigned a didactic consultant (called Tutor). At the end of the term (or periodically) the Tutor inserts in the DB the grades of each student of the course that she receives from the course teachers.
For each grade you enter, take a picture of the register and it is attached to the grade of that subject on that date. (Photos are stored with FTP)
The Tutor can only access the courses assigned to him.

Each student who accesses the App can consult the courses she attends and the grades received for each subject and the grade averages. See also the paper log photos. And finally can sign the report card (The signature will be stored on the DB with a low resolution)

You will be able to see the statistics of the progress in terms of votes with a graph. You can obtain a PDF file with the evaluations of each single quarter or the averages obtained in the subjects up to that point.


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