Android Code Snippet Log to USB [Root]

The `Log2USB` function is designed to facilitate logging within Android applications by writing log entries to a text file (`SystemLog.txt`) located on the first accessible USB drive without Userinput. It requires root access due to its use of the `SuShell` component to execute Unix commands.

- The function scans the `/mnt/media_rw/` directory to find available USB drives.
- Upon identifying an available USB drive, it constructs a timestamped log entry using the current date and time.
- It then appends this log entry, containing the timestamp and the user-provided log text (`LogText`), to a file named `SystemLog.txt` on the root of the first found USB drive.
- The function utilizes root privileges (`su` command) to ensure it has the necessary permissions to write to the external USB storage, which is typically protected in non-rooted Android environments.

Sub Log2USB(LogText As String)
    Dim su As SuShell
    Dim process As SuProcess = su.Execute("ls /mnt/media_rw/")
    If process.Success Then
        For i = 0 To process.Response.Length - 1
            Dim line As String = process.Response(i)
            If line.Length > 0 Then
                Dim Timestamp As String = DateTime.Date(DateTime.Now) & " " & DateTime.Time(DateTime.Now)
                Dim command As String = $"echo "${Timestamp}: ${LogText}" >> /mnt/media_rw/${line}/SystemLog.txt"$
            End If
    End If
End Sub

This will append "This is a log entry." to the `SystemLog.txt` file on the USB drive, preceded by the current date and time.
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