Share My Creation [Web] SithasoIONIC Wireframes - A free tool for the b4x community - (Canva/Figma Alternative)

Hi there b4x community family.

SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes.jpg

  • Ability to create different types of applications (Blank, SideMenu, Tab Bar (bottom navigation), Split Pane)
  • Scrape HTML and Import into the wireframe App
  • Download of Abstract Designer View Guide - this is a step by step instructions of how to create your app based on the wireframe using the Abstract Designer
  • Backup & Restore Wireframes as JSON files to import and play with. These you can distribute to other designers.
  • Automatic Update of PocketBase Back-End WebApp on Start (Developed with PocketBase)
  • Ability to archive / set in-active components
  • Drag n Drop components (on the treeview)
  • Ability to Animate & Style components & add inline classes
  • Ability to view only changes made on the component
  • Download wireframe as an image
  • Completely FREE for the b4x community and NOT FOR SALE / RESALE
  • Does not Generate Source Code
  • You dont need SithasoIONIC7 to use the Wireframe Web App

How do you get the tool?

1. Head over to this google drive link and download the tool

2. Unzip the file and double click this file: run_server_9090.bat . You might need to ensure that port 9090 is not firewall blocked.
3. This will run the app inside PocketBase and then open your default web browser. If all goes well, you should see the screen above.
4. Check out this YouTube Playlist on how one can use the tool to create wireframes.

The Playlist for SithasoIONIC7 Wireframes is here.

5. Play around and send us your inputs, we would appreciate your feedback a lot.

Enjoy wireframing / prototyping with the tool.


PS: We do have a BLACK FRIDAY special going on, where you can get 50% off our tools. Check it out here:

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Some interesting shorts & videos..

Lottie Animation

Signature Pad

Dialer Component

Animated Login

Login Screen

Bottom Sheet

Styling Application

Using the File Input

Sliders with SwiperJS


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Mistakes Happen

So in light of possible data-corruption, the SI7 - Wireframe App will detect its state and if there is any mistakes within the database content, highlight such with a "red bug button". One needs to click this and repair the database content.

This will not delete the content, but fix errors within the content.

For example, you click any of the "App Wizard" buttons without deleting your project etc.



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